Tyre Safety

Top Tips For Keeping Your Tyres Safe

Check Your Pressures

  •  You'll find the recommended pressures inside the drivers' manual. Check the pressure when the tyre is cold, as even a short journey will warm up tyres and raise the pressure.  
  • Under-inflation can cause tyre damage, uneven wear, and an increase in fuel consumption.
  •  Over inflated tyres give a less comfortable ride and wear out in the centre of the tread. 
  •  Check the pressure in the spare tyre to ensure it's ready in an emergency. 

Check Your Tread

  •  Worn tyres means less grip. 
  •  Abnormal or uneven wear can often be an indication of a mechanical defect on the vehicle. In these circumstances the mechanical parts (steering, wheel alignment, brakes) should be checked immediately. 

Check for Damage

  •  Look for cuts, cracks and bulges or any other evidence of damage from violent impact or kerbing. Damaged tyres may be illegal and can be dangerous.  
  • If you’re unsure about the condition or pressure of your tyres, just phone or call in to see us and our fully trained tyre specialists will be happy to carry out a comprehensive inspection – completely free of charge.

Suspect a Puncture?

  •  Damage caused by driving over a pothole, kerbing or small, sharp foreign objects, all contribute to a slow puncture.    If you suspect you may have a puncture, let our tyre specialists assess it for you. 

Tyre Laws & Penalties

Find out more about UK Law and the strict penalties imposed if you do not look after your Tyres.